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We believe in the strength of our community. That's why we want to reward our customers for helping us spread the word about the incredible benefits of our products and services. 

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Refer Your Friend.
Submit their details or call us at 916.400.9920

We want to reward our customers for helping us spread the word about the incredible benefits of our products, services, and company!

Thanks for the referral! We'll be in touch with your friend soon!

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How Does the Program Work?

  • When Your Referral Installs with us, they'll receive a special discount on their installation

  • Your Reward: for every successful referral that you give installs, you'll receive a customer referral in form of a check or gift card!

How Do We Track Your Referral?

It's easy! Submit your referral above on this webpage and we'll reach out to your friend, or simply have your referral drop your name when they set up their appointment with one of our energy consultants. We'll cross check your name and eligibility in our system, and once the project finishes installation, we'll send you a check.

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Ambassador Program - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reward?
The standard Reward under this program is $500 to the Referring Customer.

How does the program work?
Submit your referral at and we'll reach out to your referral, or call 916-400-9920 with the referral name, address, and phone number, or simply have your referral mention your name when they set up their appointment with one of our energy consultants. Your name and eligibility will be cross checked in our system. Once the referred project finishes installation and passes any necessary inspections, we will process your reward.

Is there a limit to the amount I can receive?
There is no limit on the amount of referrals allowed. 

Do the rewards or program ever expire?
We do reserve the right to change our offer from time to time, and if that happens, you and the individual you referred will receive the current offer at the time they become a new Senga Energy customer.

Are there any restriction on who can get credit?
Customers that have a project installed by Senga Energy or have an agreement for a service or product with Senga Energy are eligible to participate in the program. 

How long do I have to wait for my reward?
We will give you your reward once the individual that you referred has had their product installed and passed any applicable inspections from permitting departments. Please allow up to two weeks for processing to be completed. 

What happens if the individuals I refer never become Senga Energy customers?
If the individuals you refer are not interested in Senga Energy, there isn't much we can do. In order to receive your reward, the individuals you refer must have an installed service or product with Senga Energy. If you have referred individuals who have not yet become customers, make sure they know how much you love your Senga Energy product. It doesn't hurt to remind them about their reward for installing either.

Who can I refer? Do I need to know the person I am referring?
The Ambassador Program is intended for Senga Energy customers to refer their friends and family to Senga as new customers, and should be advertised or marketed in a commercial manner. 

What products are eligible for the reward?
Right now, the Ambassador program rewards are limited to customers that install windows, roofs, or solar energy systems. If windows and solar systems are bundled in one installation agreement, the reward for each product will be rewarded. The rewards that we offer will only apply when the individuals you refer install their products.

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