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Who We Are

At Senga Energy, we are proud of our status as a local small business. We are committed to efficiency, flexibility, expertise, personal customer service, and focus -- key elements that homeowners often find lacking when dealing with the big solar companies.

By staying small and local, we are able to dedicate all of our energy into serving our customers, rather than the interests of slow-moving bureaucracy and impersonal executives. We are quick and responsive with our installations, and dedicated to knowing you and your unique needs. From your Energy Consultant, to our entire operations team and the company owners, everyone here at Senga is attentive to your project. We are committed to maintain our status as a community-focused business, so we can continue to serve you for years to come. 

Our utility hybrid solutions are backed by the quality control, reputation, and monitoring platform of companies like Sunrun and Sunnova; the nation's largest residential solar financiers. So you know that your project will receive the personal attention of our local team, along with the security and assurance of a major publicly-traded company.

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Senga Energy is the leading small business solar installer in California. We create electric savings for families.

Our offering includes:

  • Integrated solar, battery, and roofing solutions

  • In-home energy consultation

  • Professional installation 

  • Performance monitoring

  • Easy financing options from Sunrun & Sunnova 

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Why We Do It

At Senga, we believe home is everything. It's where our children grow, dinner conversations happen, and memories are made. Home should be enjoyed, and that's what drives us. Because home is so important, our mission is to make it more affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable. 

Why We Chose the Name Senga

In Latin, the word Agnes can mean: powerful, efficient, effective. When you hold that up to a mirror, you get Senga. When we take a collective look in the mirror, we want to see a company that is powerful, efficient, and effective. We constantly hold ourselves to these qualities by measuring our own performance on things like:

  • How quickly we go from your "yes" to us having your system installed

  • The promptness of our permitting and engineering

  • Getting you to interconnection as soon as possible

  • Deftly troubleshooting any roadblocks to all of the above

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Start with a free quoteGet professional installation with Senga Energy.

California's Top Small Business Solar Company

We work with these partners

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